Welcome to Atlona Expo! While we can’t always be with you to share the latest in technology and application solutions, we have made it easier to explore them here.

Check out the sections below to see our Virtual Booth and learn more about key technologies with our Webinars-on-Demand. For a personal tour, scroll down to Find Your Atlona Representative and contact your Atlona Sales or Engineering Representative.

Virtual Booth

From our new Avance™ to Omega™ its all here. Step inside our virtual booth and have a look around! Eight sections of product environments where you can learn about our product solutions for huddle rooms to auditoriums, from wireless BYOD to enterprise AV over IP.

Webinars on Demand

  • AV Comes of Age in the Digital Building, Part I: An introduction to Digital Buildings (English)

    In this presentation, we cover Digital Buildings; What is the digital building, size of the market, and typical applications. Part 1.

  • AV Comes of Age in the Digital Building, Part II: AV in the Digital Building and Case Studies (English)

    In this presentation, we cover how AV fits into the Digital Building; Seamless collaboration, the future of AV in buildings, and case studies of AV in Digital Buildings. Part 2.

  • Unified Communication and Collaboration (English)

    This session will define collaboration applications, technologies and Atlona solutions.

  • BYOD & UC Collaboration (English)

    This session will discuss BYOD Collaboration using a software-based calling solution.

  • Velocity™ Touch-free AV (English)

    Check out the future of Velocity no-touch control.

  • Velocity™ in Higher Education (English)

    Overview of velocity and how it can be used in higher education.

  • OmniStream™ Video Wall, A Deep Dive (English)

    This video will walk you through using Velocity to control a 3x3 OmniStream videowall.

  • Velocity™ Custom GUI (English)

    Learn how to transform a standard Velocity UI into a fully customized user interface to incorporate more controls.

  • Omega™ OME-MS42, A Live Demo (English)

    This session will walk through set-up of the OME-MS42 to route USB devices to multiple computers for seamless soft conferencing using in-room resources

  • Velocity™ and Cisco Integration (English)

    Learn how Velocity and Cisco Telepresence systems integrate together in a seamless and intuitive way, enabling a user friendly, full room control not possible with standalone Cisco Telepresence systems.

  • Omega™: Soluciones AV para aplicaciones de colaboración remota (Español)

    Conoce la manera de ofrecer sistemas profesionales de colaboracion a distancia a cualquier nivel.

  • (Hebrew) משפחת מוצרי אומגה – פשוט להציג

    בואו לגלות איך סדרת פתרונות אומגה עושה לכם סדר ומתאימה בדיוק לצרכי המשתמשים

  • La videoconferenza con Atlona Omega™ (Italiano)

    Atlona Omega consente di realizzare ambienti conference e di collaborazione scalabili e flessibili. Scoprine tutte le caratteristiche in questo webinar.

  • Velocity™ Overview (Russian)

  • Any Meeting, Any Room, One Solution (Russian)

  • Any Meeting, Any Room, One Solution (Deutsch)

  • Velocity™ Overview (Deutsch)

  • Mix and Match – Interkonnektivität für moderne Räume mit Atlona Omega™ Produkten (Deutsch)

    USB-C, HDMI, DisplayPort - Schaffen Sie die richtigen Anschlüsse in modernen Besprechungsräumen für eine sichere, einfache Nutzung von Softconferencing Systemen wie Zoom, WebEX und Teams.

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